Housing Project for Bukidnon

Year Execution: 
Organization in Charge: 
Fr. Leoni Mission Foundation
Nº of Families helped: 

Bad weather and the remote distance of Tapayanon, along with the indigenous people's lack of sense of time and deadlines delayed this project. There are 5 Datu or tribal chieftains in the community so each one selected 10 families to build their houses. They practice polygamy, so they are usually large households who survive in extremely poor conditions as elementary farmers. When they come together in organized communities they can support each other and access education. About 120 children are now attending a 2 rooms school building with one teacher and illiterate adults also look forward to learn how to read and write. The collaboration of families was less than expected. Until now only 10 houses have been built, however most of the lumber is ready to complete the project and builders promised to finish within this year. Houses are one room structures to which a kitchen can be added in the future. It is possible that more than one family will be occupying each house. Fr. Sanchez comments that the project is a big step towards a better live for these IP who survive in primitive conditions. For the moment he prefers to consolidate this project before asking for new funds for neighboring IP communities interested in housing projects. Contact: Fr. Mateo Sánchez s.j matsanch@jesuits.net.