Housing Support for Poor People

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AIM- Identity, Merge and Action
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Using a community-centered approach, AIM first consulted with potential beneficiaries about their priorities. Many social and economic problems were mentioned, related directly or indirectly to housing. Then, 50 families were selected to participate in the project among those having severe housing problems and no resources or opportunities to solve them. Beneficiaries and other members of the community were trained to monitor the project. During the training process they realized that saving is a central component of a community driven project, along with organization. 31 houses are finished and the rest will be completed before December. They now recognize that a better house helps them to have a healthier life. Gender issues also came up, and the important role of women in family development and housing progress was recognized. It was decided that the improved properties can only be sold in the future with written consent from female members, a fact that will limit possible selling because women rarely agree to sell their houses. AIM teams gained experience to continue implementing this type of projects. Contact: Anthony Matthew Gill aimnog@brain.net.pk