Improving Housing and Living in a Resettlement Colony

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Urban Poor Development Fund UPDF
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Since the eviction of this group to Phum Andoung Resettlement, a colony far away from the city, families have lived in unhealthy conditions. There are no jobs and very few services. Surveys were conducted in collaboration with Local Authorities to find out how this situation could be reversed. The community started daily saving, assisted by UPDF and other networks, to be able to access income generation loans and housing loans. A comprehensive upgrading was planned with collaboration of local authorities. Roads will be improved and the problem of floods in rainy seasons will be addressed as the land is situated in a very low area. Trees will be planted; drainage, water supply and sanitation systems will have to be constructed to make the site livable. Since the renters moved to the site the municipality has provided land for 442 families, 20 common toilets and 6 wells. 101 families received a housing loan from UPDF and about 200 families are helped by other entities. The Municipality is looking for more land to settle more families that are waiting for a place to settle down. We visited a row houses pilot project assisted by UPDF (see photo). These units have 20m2 and cost US$ 1.000. Results should be discussed. Contact: Somsak Phonpakdee