Improving Site Development in Resettlement

Year Execution: 
Organization in Charge: 
Fellowship for Organizing Endeavors, Inc. FORGE

The project improved safety on the relocation site of the TULHOA community in Laguerta as a showcase of a multi-stakeholder approach to community development. Some of these families come from a privately-owned lot in Pier 6, Cebu City. They finally settled on this site in Laguerta which is hilly and sloping at 30 degrees, putting the community at risk to landslides. It is also far from their workplaces, hospitals, schools, markets, and other public facilities. The ALL-SECURE Project provided slope protection in landslide- prone areas, implemented clearing and grubbing, installed roads and step footpaths. TULHOA members expressed that they can now sleep without worrying that heavy rain might wash away their houses, or cause the soil to cave in and wipe out their community. The site has become accessible to vehicles, and step footpaths protect pregnant women, children and elderly from the possibility of slipping especially during the rainy season. FORGE is lobbying with the Cebu City Government so the construction of the drainage system is addressed as soon as possible. Contact: Ana Maria Rellin- Ngolaban