Integral Development of Itaúna District

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SELAVIP co-finances with DISOP this project that deals with poverty and unemployment in Sao Gonzalo. It is the second phase of a 3 years initiative. In 6 barrios the project opens new employment opportunities, implements educational and occupational programs for children and young people and organizes communities to fight for housing and settlement improvement. The repair of 120 houses is the target of this year. The housing project is delayed because Campo had little experience in that field. To correct this situation they hired technical help from a local University. Academics and 30 students volunteered to visit the families, identify the main housing problems and propose corrections. Structural risk, unsafe electrical connections and unhealthy conditions were the 3 most frequent problems that caused domestic hazards. The survey and mapping of the settlements and houses prepared by the students was the basis for architectural proposals. Finally 10 houses could be initiated in August, but construction stopped because students now have to finish their academic year. Campo mentions that summer rains can cause even more delay because most repairs are on the roofs. Contact: Christian Cammerman,