Integrated Community Development in Cebu City

Year Execution: 
Organization in Charge: 
Pagtambayayong–A Foundation for Mutual Aid & DISOP
Nº of Families helped: 

The project will improve the socio-economic situation and secure tenure of low-income urban poor families in South Coastal slums of Cebu City. This year the first 2 component (community organization and income generation) advanced more or less as planned. Organizations were strengthened, and the relationship with the nearby living Badjao Tribal Community developed. Families participated in capability building activities. As to employment the main problem is that most community members have a low educational level and are not considered employable in the industries within Metro Cebu. Assistance was provided to increase access to employment and to introduce micro enterprises. The third component, housing, is delayed in terms of house construction and site development since the relocation site was occupied by 52 families. After a series of negotiations, these families agreed to vacate the Badjao Reclamation and relocate to the adjacent area. Out of 80 houses that should have been constructed by now only 29 are built. When visiting the site we suggested that technical assistance should be increased and improved to obtain an acceptable housing quality. Contact: Francisco L. Fernandez