Mejoramiento de Vivienda y del Hábitat en Barrios

Year Execution: 
República Dominicana
Organization in Charge: 
Ciudad Alternativa

The project promotes community organization in 13 very marginal districts of Santo Domingo. To make possible the participation of slum dwellers in a process that will formally establish the right to land and housing, training and coaching was provided to 50 local groups that are part of an urban network. They were empowered to become counterparts in the discussion of a new legislation that refers to housing and urban issues. 190 leaders participated in various events where this legislation was analyzed. Alliances were promoted to bring organizations together and increase their political power. In a workshop organized by CA, community leaders and local authorities reflected upon problems and potentials that exist in marginalized urban areas. Most community organizations involved in this project have negotiated successfully with authorities to obtain access to potable water, electricity and waste disposal. This was possible because they are now working in a collective manner. 33 families who live in critical conditions could improve their homes assisted by CA - both in financial and technical terms. Contact: Román Batista, ciudad2alt