Our children come home

Year Execution: 
Organization in Charge: 
Habitat para la Humanidad- Chile
Nº of Families helped: 

33 poor families who dedicate most of their energy to take care of their chronically ill children in very precarious housing conditions, were helped to add a special room with adequate conditions to shelter these sick children. 2 more extensions are under construction to complete de 35 improvements that SELAVIP is financing. 15 girls and 18 boys were benefitted, each with a private bedroom that offers a comfortable and clean environment needed to continue their medical treatment at home. For each construction, a team is set up with voluntaries, skilled workers and family members, under technical supervision of HpH. The families are trained in the fields of construction and housing repairs. Working together with voluntaries, mostly from other countries, they also build friendships and learn to put their own life and hardships in a new perspective. After the earthquake of February 27, international visits were suspended, children kept in hospitals for safety reasons, and an assessment had to be made of each house to identify possible damages. To speed up the project, more technical resources are now assigned and voluntary work will be strengthened in order to finish it as planned. Contact: Sonia Cárdenas comunitario@hph.cl