Reconstruction with Participation

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Habitat para la Humanidad- Chile
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HpH- Chile is financed by SELAVIP and DESWOS to help a semi-urban community to repair severely damaged houses after the earthquake of February 27. The most important outcome is the community organization process that was assisted by specialists from SELAVIP. The community implemented a survey and social mapping to identify the damages, and gather social data useful to plan the repairs that were needed. They also identified other problems that affect their settlements, and set priorities to address them. They divided into 3 sectors (Los Mayos, Los Cáceres y Rinconada Centro), organized a Committee in charge of Reconstruction and elected their representatives. The housing improvement is advancing at a slow pace, mainly because of operational problems. In one sector the Self-Help Centre (materials and Tools is in place and operating, and families are trained to self-build their houses. They should be finished in November. In the other 2 sectors reconstruction is being implemented and it is expected that 100 families will have completed their work before next March. The Project has articulated agencies at a central and local government around demands presented by the Reconstruction Committee, such as drainage and street lights. The local school will also be repaired and extended, and the community is empowered to initiate a comprehensive improvement of their settlement. Contact: Luis Leandro Santibañez