Rehabilitation of houses in Villa Rivadavia - II Phase

Year Execution: 
Organization in Charge: 
Voluntariado –Fac.Arquitectura. U.Católica Córdoba
Nº of Families helped: 

This project had two main objectives. On one hand, it provided an opportunity for students to work with poor families in a local slum, within a professional and human relationship. On the other side it rehabilitated the precarious homes of very poor families with the voluntary help of these students. We visited the project in August. 12 houses were improved and 12 additional ones will be finished in December. A group of young teachers provides technical assistance and students are assigned to help families to build. Most houses had structural problems that were corrected, and others were extended adding one room to give some privacy. Results are satisfactory: students are now deeply involved in social work, the University is including this activity in the regular academic curriculum and the local private sector beginns to provide resources to make it sustainable. By participating, the families have higher self- esteem, and the community organization is interested to continue improving the slum. This initiative has been mentioned in many local press articles and is also recognized as a positive experience by the public sector. Contact: Graciela Franchini