Risk Reduction in San Rafael

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El Salvador
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17 families live in houses that were built by an emergency programme on a steep hillside after a recent earthquake. In the rainy season the settlement was threatened by landslides and erosion caused by falling water and a creek. In order to protect the population and their belongings SELAVIP contributed with funds to build a stone wall to stabilize the land. When finished, the wall will be 100 m. long. It is being built by the community with technical guidance from FUNDASAL. Families are working hard to finish the construction before the rain comes. They even decided to devote more time than initially agreed to this work, reducing the possibilities they have to go to the city to earn money. To compensate a negative impact on family incomes, the local Municipality is providing assistance to buy food and other basics. Besides reducing the environmental risks, the project is a good opportunity to create a strong community that works hard to progress. New challenges have already been identified and will be addressed when the stone wall is completed. Contact: Ismael Castro Vergara. dirección@fundasal.org.sv