Sanitation in Villa 28 de Noviembre, II Phase

Year Execution: 
Organization in Charge: 
CBO Villa 28 de Nov.&SEHAS-Servicio Habitacional y de Acción Social
Nº of Families helped: 

A process of negotiating and implementing the extension of basic services to this settlement gradually makes possible for its inhabitants to obtain the legal right to stay in a land owned by Government. In the context of an initiative that will provide safe water, electricity and sanitation to a nearby area in Cordoba, this project built septic tanks for 48 families as a first step towards accessing permanent sanitary facilities. They now can easily selfbuild bathrooms in their houses. Training programs are implemented by SEHAS with a community development approach so the families learn how to address the upgrading of their settlement and to manage this project. They decided to use some resources for the definition of road networks and organized a tender for construction. With some technical and financial help from SEHAS they elected the most favourable alternative to carry out the road construction. The project clearly enhanced the visibility of this group of informal dwellers in the eye of authorities, and will make possible for them to legalize their settlement. Contact: Américo Fiori.