Saving and Development Activities

Year Execution: 
Organization in Charge: 
Urban Development Resource Centre UDRC
Nº of Families helped: 

Financial and technical support was provided to saving groups (SG) of poor families to repair, extend, complete their shelter, to build new units or purchase ger. The primary participants and beneficiaries of the project were SG members who have real housing needs. UDRC provided training, consultations, and information to 178 families using simple guidelines about construction techniques and energy efficiency. Eligible participants of the project were screened by UDRC project coordinator and financial specialists. 12 families have benefited from loans financed by SELAVIP funds during the first phase and 18 more households are now obtaining their loans. A housing survey was also conducted to know about housing needs of 800 households from 71 saving groups, and information is being processed. UDR organized exchange visits between Darkhan and Erdenet provinces saving group members to share experiences related with improvement of shelter, as an incentive for other communities to start activities in this area. Contact: Enkhbayar Tsedendorj