Securing Land Tenure and Access to Basic Services

Organization in Charge: 
Instituto MORAY

In Pueblo Nuevo an earthquake destroyed many houses in 2007. Poor families who lost their shelter had to invade land to build new homes. Moray prepared all technical documents needed to legalize this land for 686 families. As the community also needed to obtain basic services, Moray provided the technical plans of infrastructure and all feasibility studies required by the Municipality and public service providers. In close collaboration, the community, the local government and Moray are now working to formalize the legal ownership of the land and to implement a comprehensive development plan for this settlement. When this is completed, families will have access to reconstruction benefits and will integrate with other settlements of Puerto Nuevo. Their hope is that the slum can overcome isolation and become part of the city. Again, Moray succeds to help a community that was marginalized to comply with basic requisites that the State demands to consider them as candidates for social help. Contact: Carlos Armas