Shelter Disaster Risk Reduction % Credit Union Program

Year Execution: 
Organization in Charge: 
Ellacuria Foundation
Nº of Families helped: 

One urban poor community living in a river basin was requested to move out and destroy their houses because it is considered an area with risk of flooding. Ellacuria proposed to help them to prevent this eviction by implementing risk reduction measures and helping them to rebuild 50 houses in a safe manner. We visited the project in July, and could assess a weak development and heavy delay. Ellacuria´s report mentions that they rehabilitated 26 houses in Kenteng Baru community, recruited 26 members to join a credit union MJA and will encourage them to participate. The community has the final word when the type of house, material, and cost is decided. In this case where the community needs to develop the economic resilience, a comprehensive community development program is welcome, and combining housing construction with income generating activities was a good strategy. Ellacuria expects this project to have an impact at a national level, but outcomes achieved are far from planned. Only 26 houses out of 50 are completed, and the plan is to rehabilitate a few more until December. We consider that the project did not meet all the objectives Ellacuria proposed, and problems can mostly be attributed to project management. Contact: Dedy Kristanto