Supporting Housing for the Poorest in Baan Mankong Program

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ACHR Asian Coalition for Housing Rights
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The pilot project provided opportunities to the very poor families living in Thai urban slums to participate in Baan Mankhong upgrading program. Until now they were excluded when their communities entered the programme because they could not pay the amount requested to participate. Individual financial grants correct this situation. A Project Committee formed by representatives from ACHR, CODI, Community Networks and members of poor families supervised the project. Each region formed a Regional Committee to help the organization at city level, handle the surveys, data collection, etc. 102 very poor families in urban slums have been enabled by now to access land security, housing and infrastructure through Baan Mankhong with the help of SELAVIP. The project has drawn attention of local authorities and community organizations to the obstacles that the very poor face when they want to participate with their communities in the slum upgrading projects. Some local authorities want to allocate their annual budget on this kind of project. Most important, Baan Mankhong will allocate in the future a special budget to provide grants for the poorest families. Contact: Somsook Boonyabancha