Transforming Lives- Shelter for the Homeless Poor

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This project would provide new, rebuilt or repaired houses to 40 desperate and needy households in Yaounde and Bamenda. The families now live in new houses or improved their former collapsing shelter. After obtaining the preliminary support of local and administrative authorities in Yaoundé and Bamenda, CEPROCUL pre-selected households in Yaoundé and Bamenda. A training workshop was organized to educate potential participants, field staff and community representatives on vital aspects of the project and agree upon selection criteria. 20 families per town were then selected and new houses were built using sun dry/pressed bricks, cement blocks, plank, mud bricks and zinc sheets. Other deteriorated houses were repaired with walls of cement blocks or bricks, new roofing, plastering, painting and electrification. Resources donated by SELAVIP were combined with locally raised funds. CEPROCUL intended to involve local authorities and public sector in the project to increase its impact and sustainability, but results were poor. The Yaounde & Bamenda councils decided not to support the project and most ministerial agencies showed interest but finally did not participate. Contact: TAMBU MBA´