Providing Shelter for Urban Slum Dwellers

Year Execution: 
Organization in Charge: 
Institute of Social Research and Development
Nº of Families helped: 

The estimated cost of each house is INR 1,29,540 ($ 1838 approx). The executed project has been partially supported by Department of Municipal Administration, Housing & Urban Development, Government of Manipur as a grant totaling
INR 9,00,000/- ($ 12596 approx) @ INR INR 45,000 ($ 638 approx) per house.

The representative of the Department as well as Imphal Municipal Corporation participated as a member in the Project Implementation and Monitoring Committee (PIMC). The committee meets every first week of the month to analyze the progress of the project. Periodically the committee also visit to the filed to directly monitor the construction progress.The activities undertaken until now have included : the formation of PIMC (Project Implementation and Monitoring Committee), recruitment of staffs, meeting with beneficiaries and prioritizing exercise, procurement of materials and engagement of skill labour, construction activities. As of now, 50% of the labour requirement is met by the beneficiaries themselves they also check quality controls, opinions/observations in various construction stages.