Featured project of the month

Featured project of the month

The project was executed by FUNDASAL and consisted of the installation of 3 drinking water systems and 1 sewage system for poor communities in El Salvador.

The project benefited 639 families from 6 communities, which improved the quality of drinking water and sewage systems, which substantially improves the conditions in which they live, with a positive effect on the health of its inhabitants.

7 types of solutions

  • Nuevas viviendas

    New dwelling

  • Reparación


  • Ampliación


  • Baños o Letrinas

    Toilets or latrines

  • Sistemas de Agua Potable

    Drinking water system

  • Sistema de Saneamiento o Alcantarillado

    Sewage system

  • Regularización de Títulos de Propiedad del Suelo

    Regularization of land titles

  • Countries

    + 91

  • Collaborative projects

    + 1.000

  • Beneficiary Families

    + 450.000


SELAVIP Social Housing Service