Toilets For Poor Families Of Tirupattur Slums

Year Execution: 
Organization in Charge: 
People’s Awareness and Literacy
Nº of Families helped: 


The following activities were carried out until now in the framework of the project:

  • Conducted project management committee meetings to analyse the project situation and the project execution and monitoring.
  • Organised meetings with the targeted families at area levels to discuss the construction of individual households.
  • Hired the construction team and made the essential plan with them in the presence and participation of the targeted families.
  • Approached the Tirupattur Municipality office for obtaining official permission for the construction of the individual toilets. They verified the status and gave us permission for the construction activities in the slum areas.
  • Procured the required construction materials for 34 individual household toilets.
  • Constructed and completed 22 individual household toilets (100%) and 2 toilets in progress (90% completed).
  • Started the construction work for another 10 household toilets and the construction work is in progress.

From May 10, 2021, the state has imposed a series of lockdowns to control the spread of the second wave of coronavirus. These incidents have delayed the project execution.