Community-Based Housing Project For Poor Families

Año Ejecución: 
Sri Lanka
Organización responsable: 
People’s Service Council
Nº de familias atendidas: 


This is an update on the project’s related construction works:

  1. The 20 families completed their foundation work
  2. Brickwork has been completed
  3. Roof and carpentry work is completed
  4. Flooring and rendering has to be done to date
  5. Fixing doors and windows has been completed for all houses
  6. Paint and finishing work have not completed to all to date

The issue that the NGO has faced is the following ones: the cost of constructing a house has been increasing due to escalating prices of materials. Prices of key materials such as tiles and skilled labor have gone up by more than 20% within a year, while other materials also face price increases, such as sand and wood, depending on the area. There are variations in the Bills of Quantities due to differences in the quantity, type and prices of materials, and the definition used: if for instance, a house is considered to be complete according to plan /drawing, the estimation of required skilled and unskilled labour may also differ, as well as its price (particularly for own labour, as opportunity cost differs for individual households). The other issue is the COVID19.