Construction Of Shelter For 30 Tribal Widows

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People In Need Foundation
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PNF has been strictly implementing the housing project as committed against the scheduled activities:

  1. They conducted a meeting with the beneficiaries and explained the aims, objectives and concept of the project which includes timely completion.
  2. The beneficiaries have been formed into a procurement committee, quality monitoring committee and liaison committee [If any grievance]. Their roles and responsibilities are to coordinate with field functionaries of PNF. The beneficiary families consisting of Procurement committee performed their duties to procure the quality material by visiting the sites, compare the prices, negotiating and procuring quality material.
  3. All project beneficiaries have removed their make shift tents and cleaned their land. Demarking has given by the PNF engineers as per approved plan.
  4. Capacity building given to construction workers on quality control with latest technology.
  5. Digging, laying of foundation and plinth beam has been completed in all 30 households. Brick masonry with cement mortar has been completed in all 24 houses. Roofing work completed with metal sheet and iron pipes for 16 houses. Flooring with napa stones completed in 6 houses

Some of the problems that have been faced:

  1. During the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic the Andhra Pradesh state government has imposed curfew in the project area for the months of May and June 2021.
  2. The Director of Mines and Geology, government of Andhra Pradesh have temporarily suspended sand excavations on August 14th in all sand reaches located up and downstream of Krishna river, as the river is in spate. Due to shortage of sand availability, cost of sand is suddenly hike 3 times higher in the market where some sand is stored by the suppliers. Currently, the Krishna river flood is slowly under control and a few sand reaches are open for excavation.