Crossing The Sheltation Gap

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This project was intended to support 45 pilot helpless households in Yaounde 7 Sub Division to outstrip the shelter and sanitation hardships the familie faced as a result of their precarious social standing, further worsened by the Coronavirus pandemic. The project, dedicated to Fr. Josse van der Rest in celebration of his social and humanitarian service to humanity, was to raise awareness among relevant stakeholders on vulnerable people’s shelter rights With the support of SELAVIP and other local (non) governmental stakeholders, the NGO has so far accomplished the following works:

  • They initiated our blocks and compressed earth blocks production units on January 20. The building process began timidly thereafter. By this phase gate, they have completed 07 houses (04 in CEB/BTC blocks & 03 in cement blocks) and 07 blocks of toilets have been completed (14 units in all, representing 31% of work done). Beneficiaries are currently developing these works through priming, mounting window / door frames, decorating, or painting. Four other sites are at the foundational phase.
  • CEPROCUL organized a 2-day vocational training workshop on local materials (Stabilized and Compressed Earth Blocks – CEB/BTC) on the 26th and 27th of February 2021.
  • They have so far held 2 information meetings with the participating households, traditional authorities, government ministries, private sector enterprises, and proactive families.

Due to banking problems, the second instalment has taken more time than foreseen but the problem has now been overcome.