Mejores viviendas para familias vulnerables

Año Ejecución: 
Organización responsable: 
Pastoral Social Caritas- Cobija (PSCC)
Nº de familias atendidas: 

This project located at the outskirts of Cobija city, upgraded the shelters of 49 very poor families who live in overcrowded and deteriorated houses without access to basic services. Outside walls were repaired or replaced by solid panels made with good quality wood, to provide adequate protection. Other panels were installed to extend the houses or to separate bedrooms in order to reduce overcrowding. Additionally, roofs were renovated with materials adequate for Cobija hot climate.

Construction work was done by the families with help of the other community members and under technical supervision of PSCC. Building materials were purchased in bulk and handed out to the beneficiaries as building progresses. They are now reviewing social housing programmes implemented by Government in order to learn how to access additional funds to continue improving their houses. Beneficiaries, the project team, the media and local authorities will then participate in a workshop to reflect on this experience and show it to other poor families for replication.