New Settlement

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Ger khoroollin hugjliig demjikh tuv NGO
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The project was supposed to start on May 1, but since strict quarantine was announced till May 22 the organization couldn’t begin the work on time. Most of the building materials were wood, but this year the logging was banned until August 1, so it was very difficult to find the wooden material purchase and building material price increased almost 50% because of Chinese and Russian borders closed for importing. So it was agreed to buy and use the construction company’s house material, that had been prepared for sale the previous year. Prior to the start of the foundation work, geodetic work was carried out during one week. The main construction work started on June 2. The building materials of the house have changed: the wall insulation has been changed from stone wool to solid foam insulation, and the foundation of the house has been changed to concrete poles or column foundations. The construction company had agreed to pay $ 12,000 for underfloor heating, but as the house’s design changed and the overall budget increased, so it donated $ 12,000 to the project, deducting $12,000 from the total prefabricated price of the house being purchased. In addition, the NGO has been employing construction engineers and experienced workers at the construction site. In terms of heating, households have agreed to install traditional stoves.