Promoción de una vida digna para 60 familias

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Corporación viviendas del Hogar de Cristo
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The project aimed (like the AM/23/18’ project) to promote access to housing for those families a ected by the earthquake that hit Ecuador in 2016, and which have not
yet been addressed by the governing bodies. The geographical area of the project is Esmeraldas (a coastal city located in the North West of Ecuador). Like in the past, the homes, whose unit cost is equivalent to US $ 1,800, were nanced in a great part by SELAVIP. One of the issues related to the project is the fact that the houses, in order to be durable, must be maintained, and poor families must then prioritize their expen- ses according to their immediate and longer term needs. It is important to note that at the same time the Hogar and ETEX have worked together in order to incorporate the ETEX boards in the producing line of the Hogar in order to strength a possible partnership.