Comprehensive Development of Slums of the South Coast

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Pagtambayayong – A Foundation for Mutual Aid, Inc. & DISOP
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This last phase of a 3 years project completes activities to achieve a comprehensive development for 600 families. SELAVIP co-finances the housing component of the project, which would construct starter houses for 235 families whose houses were destroyed by a fire. Reblocking was implemented to follow a subdivision plan. The City of Cebu provided housing materials and implemented the site development activities. 72 houses were constructed during this year. A balance of 4 houses will be finished by the end of the year. Families pay a small rent for the land, and these resources will be used to improve their settlement. If this becomes a mainstream program, the City of Cebu will invest money in other areas in order to offer a solution to existing slums. The project will hopefully also be adopted by the national government and other agencies. It has set a good example to other LGU's. The project is on- going for three years from 2008 and will be completed in December 2010. Contact: Francisco Fernandez