Hábitat y habitabilidad en asentamientos

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TECHO Paraguay
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This project aimed at improving the quality of life of 130 families with the construction of emergency shelters. Each shelter consisted of a prefabricated wooden module of 18 sqm’s to be built in two days by volunteers. Likewise, there was a desire to improve the quality of life of 6 informal settlements with the tenure regularization of their land. In the same way, it seeked to improve the quality of life of 60 families by building sanitary modules in the settlements.
In this process of ownership regularization, TECHO worked with the community as a whole in 2 stages: 1. Integral diagnosis of Habitat, 2. Regularization of the property, through a joint strategy with the SAS (Secretariat of Social Action) in the process of guaranteeing secure land tenure.
Nevertheless, this process has faced some issues during its implementation.
On one hand, the state bureaucracy generated several obstacles. Most of the actions/processes of the regularization of the land depended very much on the times of the State bodies.
On the other hand, the legal-land situation faced a couple of legal processes.