Solo organizados mejoraremos nues- tras viviendas

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Organización responsable: 
Colectivo Ciudadano Tlacualoyan, A. C.
Nº de familias atendidas: 

The COCIT project is held again in the most marginalized neighbourhoods of the city of Tlapacoyan, Veracruz, and seeks to improve the living conditions of 33 families, alleviating overcrowding with the construction of new rooms, reduce health risks by separating the kitchen from the bedrooms and improve sanitary conditions with the construction or repair of bathrooms. In general,  the constructions of the beneficiaries are made with very precarious materials and, with the modifications, the project also aims to give greater structural security and protection against the climate. The project includes the repair of 2 houses, the extension of 15 houses and the construction of 16 new houses in or families currently living in their families' houses, in overcrowded conditions. This is the 5th project implemented by COCIT and with the experience acquired along those years, no special problem arose during the implementation of the project.