Vivienda mínima en San Juan Alotenango

Año Ejecución: 
Organización responsable: 
Asociación Constru Casa
Nº de familias atendidas: 

The goal of the project was to develop the municipality of San Juan Alotenango through adequate housing for 60 families in situation of extreme poverty.
In this sense, the minimum housing consisted of a room measuring 3,55 m x 2,8 m (9,94 sqm’s in total) and a basic sanitary solution of 2,8 m x 1,2 m (3,36 sqm’s in total). It also o ered adequate facilities for electricity, water and drainage.
Apart of the housing units that were built, the NGO will accompany the families during 4 years. During this time, the organization will work with them on programs related to education, hygiene, housing maintenance, family motivation, among other important issues for the families.
The families were very enthusiastic and motivated participating in the activities of transferring mate- rials from where the truck has left them in their lands. They also complied with the initial treatment of providing sand and gravel for the construction of their home, and to clean their land to start building. They also supported the project with unskilled labor and provided water for the construction.