Refugio para los Pobres Urbanos

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Dr. Akhtar Hameed Khan Memorial Trust (AHKMT)
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AHKMT with the help of the local community of Rajanpur District provided basic one-room shelter to 76 families living in tents after a flood destroyed their houses 2 years ago. 3 local NGOs helped to select the beneficiaries and to organize them into groups. Training was provided so they could build safe houses, and the professionals assisted them permanently during the construction process. The standard size of each house is 15’ x 15’. Walls were constructed by the families on a self help basis either with solid bricks, concrete blocks or mud walls. AHKMT provided a door and window for each house. After walls were completed, a second instalment for the roofing material was approved. As soon as the beneficiary moved in, a registration number was provided and pictures of the building taken to report to stakeholders. The implementation of this project of “one room shelter” showed many people still living in tents and shacks in the affected villages that it is possible to access affordable housing if realistic standards are used. AHKMT plans to continue working with more homeless families, and if possible include toilet facilities.