Refugio para personas con discapacidad

Año Ejecución: 
Congo (Kinshasa)
Organización responsable: 
Boite Organisée des Secours Sanitaires et Etudes (BOSSE)
Nº de familias atendidas: 

The selection process considered the poverty level of each family, the type of handicaps that affect one or more members, the number of children and the shelter they were living in. The leaders of the UVIRA Federation of PWDs (Persons with disabilities), beneficiaries of the previous project (25/10) along with residents and local leaders of the Kavimvira and Kilomoni districts selected the families that would integrate the project. BOSSE constructed 60 simple, durable houses for families with members with disabilities. These houses are built with sundried bricks and iron sheet roofing. Each house has two rooms, one door and two windows. SELAVIP funded building materials, and local authorities, Caritas- Uvira, BOSSE and the beneficiaries provided additional funding to cover all costs of this project. By involving local organizations in the various stages and activities of this project, BOSSE could access resources and help needed to organize the group and collaborate during the construction process. The project not only provided adequate shelter to this very vulnerable group of poor families. It made possible to also prevent diseases associated with unhealthy shelter and provided opportunities for them to develop some income generating activities and to integrate into local society.