Water For Life

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Alflah Development Organization
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The NGO hired an expert borehole construction company (“Bright Solution Services”). The NGO planned a meeting with the Households of the area. A committee was established. The committee selected 10 Houses where 10 boreholes were going to be constructed. 10 boreholes will provide water to 100 Households (one borehole per 10 households. The construction company brought its machinery and started the constriction of boreholes. In the first week one borehole was constructed successfully. They pumped the water till it become suitable for using. Then they put pumping machine and pipes inside the borehole. They say they have successfully completed 4 boreholes till date serving 40 Households. One bore depth is about 220 feet. The cost for water pipes connection is paid by the households. One person for each borehole is voluntarily operating the bore hole. The boreholes are providing water for 15 minutes for each Household daily. The water is sweat and suitable for drinking and other domestic uses. The peoples of the area are using water for their routine. There are severe problems in underground water availability in this area. Due to heavy rain fall they have faced problems in installing the boreholes. The NGO has faced some problems in the mobilization as each house has requested to have boreholes in their house, the NGO finally selected houses in which the boreholes would be installed.