Wash For Urban Poor Communities Philippines

Year Execution: 
Organization in Charge: 
E&V Water and Life, inc
Nº of Families helped: 


In total, at the time of the report, 217 families have been connected to water:

● CEBU = 107



● LEYTE = 33 (SOS Village)

In June, the team reviewed the MOA with the water operator MCWD (Metropolitan Cebu Water District). A total of 200 applications were received from the area. The W&L team (W&L Program manager and Country Director) had a meeting with MCWD General Manager to discuss the progress of Tanke 2 MOA. A site inspection was conducted by W&L Project engineer and field coordinator together with the contractor. W&L is intending to become an official partner of Cebu City. They organized courtesy visits with the Cebu City Administrator and with the Division Chief. The team presented their advocacy and works to the community W&L served. The Cebu team also did the QGIS GPS tagging of the areas and did water tests, lines flushing, and pressure monitoring. MANDAUE : In June, W&L has submitted the necessary requirement for the hydraulic simulation to MCWD. They are still recording the water pressure in the area.

CAVITE: In July, W&L already secured the Barangay permits, traffic permits and paid the engineering permit. They gave updates to the Mayor of Novelta area about Tabing Dagat project. The team went to DPWH (Department of Public Works and Highways) for application for the excavation permit. They started construction and mobilization in the area last July 12 For the month of August, W&L team is securing the permits for the application of bulk meter of Tabing Dagat (San Rafael, Cavite), and completed the CPC application with the help of the new Assistant project Engineer, and ledgers Audit. The CPC application is the Certificate of Public Convenience (CPC), and is a requirement for all water operators. This is a formal written authority issued by the NWRB authorizing private water utilities to operate, maintain water systems, provide water supply service, and charge rates.

LEYTE: In June, the team did the mapping of the extension and the communal faucet for SOS village. Also, they had a meeting with the Mayor of Tanauan along with HOA Officials of Prime Town Pago with the presence of W&L’s Country Director) and other W&L’s staff.

The major issue is the pandemic that has involved a long lockdown.