Featured project of the month

Featured project of the month

The project is part of the Building for Change programme, designed to significantly improve the lives of the poor who live on the margins of life. It focuses on helping single mothers, people living with chronic illnesses, the elderly, people living in crowded conditions, people with disabilities, victims of abuse, fire, and children at risk due to inadequate living conditions (gangs related).

7 types of solutions

  • Nuevas viviendas

    New dwelling

  • Reparación


  • Ampliación


  • Baños o Letrinas

    Toilets or latrines

  • Sistemas de Agua Potable

    Drinking water system

  • Sistema de Saneamiento o Alcantarillado

    Sewage system

  • Regularización de Títulos de Propiedad del Suelo

    Regularization of land titles

  • Countries

    + 91

  • Collaborative projects

    + 1.000

  • Beneficiary Families

    + 450.000


SELAVIP Social Housing Service